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  • June 24, 2018

Psalm 01:02 (TPT), “Their pleasure and passion is remaining true to the Word of ”I AM”, meditating day and night in His true revelation of Light.”

The believer of Jesus Christ is begotten again of the Word of God; They carry the VERY Nature of God for God’s Word is the carrier and revealer of His Nature. Selah!

Hear 1 Peter 01:23 (NLV), “You have been given a new birth. It was from a Seed that cannot die. This new Life is from the Word of God which lives forever.” Now think about how much of this is shone in your heart beloved!

It’s in the view of the above light that we approach today’s lead verse and further cement in our hearts the reality that, Only God’s Word is the True Light for the Christian. Key to embrace is that, You only shine to the extent of God’s Word shone in your heart. Let this settle in your heart!

What’s the conclusion of the matter? Refuse to treat the teaching and preaching of God’s Word with familiarity any further saint of Jesus Christ. Rather, let your heart be excited/glad every opportunity that’s presented to you to receive God’s counsel. Commit to receive God’s Word with an insatiable hunger!

As our lead verse admonishes us, work out a huge passion for the Same and watch your life eternally translated in His Light. A Word-full believer is a Light-full saint! Hallelujah!

Acts 17:11a (TLB), But the people of Berea were more OPEN-MINDED than those in Thessalonica, and GLADLY LISTENED to the Message. They SEARCHED the Scriptures day by day…

You only shine to the extent of God’s Word shone in your heart.

A Word-full believer is a Light-full saint! Hallelujah!

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