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  • June 28, 2019

Ephesians 01:13b (New King James Version)
“….having believed, you were SEALED with the Holy Spirit of promise.”

The believer of and in Christ is to exist in the world on completely different terms from one who has no Christ: This peculiarity ought to be seen and felt in his/her all.

The ability to continually stand-out, abide and have your all on a whole different plane (realm) from the popular points towards grasp and mastery of distinct Kingdom truths.

For example, our lead verse opens us to a key present-day reality concerning us in Christ; We are sealed of God. The Holy Spirit Is God’s Seal to us! Praise the Lord!

The Seal of God speaks and represents Ownership by God; You’re God’s Special and Personal Possession. Allow this to settle in your heart!

Yes, your ALL (excluding NOTHING) is owned OF (and BY) God beloved. Whatever concerns you pertains to God too!

Beloved, satan is not permitted to harass you any further; his reign in any area thrives on the saint’s ignorance. When the Light of Revelation shines in the saint’s heart, his/her liberty and triumph is availed.

Get excited and birth new visions (and dreams) concerning your life; The Holy Spirit has pleasure in and is committed to your persistent progress. He Is your Much Sought Deposit, Sign and Assurance of glorious results!

This’ the Mindset that you ought to possess and cast away every manner of fear: You’re Sealed for Victory! Hallelujah!

Ephesians 1:14 (Amplified Classic), That [Spirit] IS the GUARANTEE of our INHERITANCE [the FIRSTFRUITS, the PLEDGE and FORETASTE, the DOWN PAYMENT on our Heritage], in anticipation of its full redemption and our acquiring [complete] possession of It–to the praise of His glory.

The Holy Spirit has pleasure in and Is committed to your persistent progress; He Is your Much Sought Deposit, Sign and Assurance of glorious results! 

Your ALL (excluding NOTHING) is owned OF(and BY) God beloved; Whatever concerns you pertains to God too! 



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