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May 2020 in the LENSES of GOD

  • May 1, 2020

Beloved, Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and a blessed new month to you!

What a blessing to be alive in these last days! We continue to witness the fulfilment of Scriptures and participate with God’s Spirit in announcing God’s Kingdom in every corner of our worlds. We are spreading the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ Jesus!

It’s purely by the election of GRACE that God has chosen and qualified us to partake of what He has all along pre-arranged for His lovers in Christ; None in Christ is missing or forgotten in the saint’s heritage in this new season.

The Spirit of God has themed our MAY 2020 as our Month of DIVINE ORDER. Hàllelujah! Receive this Word in your heart and open your soul to the NEW ILLUMINATIONS from God’s Spirit on the same.

Expect FRESH SUPPLY and INCREASE in the Grace to be, OPERATIVE, RESPONSIVE, DEPENDABLE, EXCELLENT and RESILIENT in each of your engagements/dealings. You will not be lacking in anything in the Name of Jesus Christ!

The Lord Is ALIGNING you to His will and CAUSING you to RIGHTLY REPRESENT Him in your worlds; It’s your set-time to DISTINCTLY DEAL and LIVE as a child of God even as you fully YIELD to the DICTATES of the Holy Spirit.

In this season nothing that concerns you shall be lacking in the BEAUTY and EXCELLENCIES of God. Allow Him to ORDER your all. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

A happy new month to you!

Pastor Josphiah,
Reconciliation Centre – Miracles Dome

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