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  • April 21, 2019

Matthew 01:21 (Good News Translation)
She will have a SON, and you will name Him JESUS—because HE WILL SAVE His people FROM their SINS. ”

We learnt that God loves us unconditionally in last week’s class. We were also given assignments which we were to go through with our parent(s)/guardian(s). What did you find about Jesus Christ. (Share with the teachers and the class for everyone’s growth).

What comes to your mind when you hear the Name Jesus Christ? Is it a Name that we shout-out when in trouble? Is it a Name that we just use in Prayer?

Many call the Name of Jesus Christ but are yet to know Him PERSONALLY. He (Jesus Christ) wants us not only calling His Name but knowledgeably calling that Name.

Jesus is not His First Name but it means SAVIOUR as our lead verse shows us. To SAVE is to DELIVER, PROTECT and PRESERVE from something harmful. That’s what Jesus did for us when He died and rose again.

Every of our sins were forgiven in Him and we’re presently guiltless before God our Father. That’s what Salvation means!

You’re NOW a child of God and God wants you to live knowing Him as your Father. You will not fail in life for you are a child of God!

From now on, boldly tell your friends of Jesus Christ your Saviour. Advice and encourage them to receive Him as their personal Saviour too. Don’t go back to sinning anymore!

I am no longer a slave to sin,
I am a child of God.
(Sing this over and over again even as you teach your friends and family).

• Share with your parent/guardian what you have learnt today and daily go through your notes.
• Sing with them this new song every evening before going to bed.
• Ask your parent/guardian to tell you more about Jesus Christ.

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