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  • October 30, 2019

Colossians 01:10 (The VOICE)
May their (MY) lives (life) be a CREDIT to You, Lord; and what’s more, may they (I) CONTINUE to DELIGHT You by DOING EVERY GOOD WORK and GROWING in the TRUE KNOWLEDGE that comes from being CLOSE to You.

Upon fully grasping the Will of God for you, your life (manner of living) becomes a true reflection and representation of God’s Mind for His Own. You’re to be a standard (pattern) for them that desire to know Christ! Calmly reflect on the essence of this!

In knowing Christ you begin to bear fruits after His Kind and in His Order; It’s in TRULY knowing Christ that the saint’s fruitfulness is maximised. It’s in God’s Mind for you to produce at optimal levels all days beloved!

God wills to have you abiding and dwelling in fruitfulness all days child of God! Resolve that you will be fruitful in all of your engagements and fronts!

Declare that you’re a wise Son/Daughter in whom the Father has pleasure and rejoices in. You’re a Child that He prides in; Wisdom inspires, orders and defines every of your engagement beloved. You lead an accurate life all days!

Declare that the Spirit of God is effectually working in you and causing you to explode with Divine results in your dealings. You’re an extraordinary Branch of God in Christ!

Ask the Father to continually cause you to hearken to His Leadings through the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to keep you away from them that may distract your communion with Him. Thank Him for revitalising of your Spiritual fervour.

Colossians 01:10 (The Passion Translation), We (I) pray that you (I) would WALK in the WAYS of TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS, PLEASING God in EVERY GOOD THING you (I) DO. Then I (you’ll) become a FRUIT-BEARING BRANCH(s), YIELDING to His (God’s) Life, and MATURING in the RICH EXPERIENCE of KNOWING God in His FULLNESS!

I am a fruitful branch planted and rooted in Christ. I bear fruits in an ever increasing rate and of my fruition there are no limits. My Faith is effectual and my lifestyle is well pleasing to the Lord for I am well furnished by the Holy Spirit. My life is a MIRROR of God’s goodness. My days are certainly glorious! Hallelujah!

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