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  • May 1, 2021

You’re born again into God’s FAMILY; In Christ, you have become a CHILD and an HEIR of God who’s a PARTAKER of the Divine INHERITANCE.

A KEY Treasure in God’s Family is the Gift of the Holy Spirit Who Is the saint’s GUIDE into his/her ORDAINED INHERITANCE.

The Holy Spirit makes PLAIN the saint’s TIMES of existence and ORDERS his/her STEPS in (and along) the WILL (PLANS, COUNSEL, and THOUGHTS) of God.

It’s the Holy Spirit Who lets you IN on the DEEP SECRETS and MYSTERIES of God; The Holy Spirit allows you an EXPERIENCE of God’s Mind concerning you before it happens in the natural. He Is your ADVANTAGE!

The Holy Spirit Is the Spirit of INSIGHTS: He will REVEAL, UNWRAP, UNVEIL and MAKE PLAIN every of God’s INTENT for you in this month moving forward.

Beloved, this is your season of EXCELLING in Kingdom INSIGHTS as you hunger, crave, thirst, and open up to MORE of GOD.

Welcome to your BLESSED May 2021!
Pastor Josphiah!

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