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#INSIGHTS into July 2020

  • July 1, 2020

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ and a happy new month beloved!

There is a definite purpose for every season of your being in this world; This purpose is set forth through a specific Word from God Which CHARTS and GUIDES the course of your affairs in that season.

The Spirit of God has spoken of our month as our (personalize this) time of POSSIBILITIES. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

Your month will be characterized by perpetual (continued) OPPORTUNITIES (LEADS, AVENUES, WINDOWS, and OPENINGS) to EXCEL in FRESH ways. Wholeheartedly embrace this!

It’s your set-time to grow in PRACTICAL WISDOM; In this season you are appropriating every truth ministered to you and awakening to God’s way of DOING things. You will not be lagging in your wisdom-experiences beloved!

It’s time to fully function in the realities of the Mind of Christ; Drop every manner of limitations in your mind BY continually allowing the Light of God’s Word to SHINE in your heart.

Treasure perpetual RENEWAL of your MIND and abide in limitless possibilities of your all even as you view (approach and gauge) all from the Lens of God Which is of Faith.

Welcome to July 2020 and open-up to the new operations of the Holy Spirit in your life: SINGULARLY expect (and plan for) fresh REIGNS and INFLUENCE levels in your worlds of contact.

I pray that you at all times experience victories (begotten of a mind that sees possibilities only) in your all in the Name of Jesus Christ! You’re born again for such a time as this!

Pastor Josphiah!


  • Timothy Kiamba 02-07-2020

    July is my month of Possibilities

    • Pastor Josphiah 02-07-2020

      Yes sir! Remain ALERT and keep TESTIFYING.

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