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+254 741 577705


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Reconcilers Daily

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Reconciliation Centre

(Miracles Dome)


The Word | The Worship | The Miracles

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What We See:

We see a people fully rooted in Christ Jesus.
We see a people whose lives are an accurate replica of the Risen Lord.
We see a people that affect the nations with the Truth.
We see the earth wholly filled with the knowledge of the glory of God. We see Christ Jesus only!

The Shepherds Heart:

We are excited to connect with you through this platform and get to minister life unending, zoe, to you in a very personal way.
Your life cannot remain the same after contacting these truths as laid out in various forms. Receive them wholeheartedly and apply them in every detail of your life. Refuse to suffer again. Hallelujah!
It’s your opportune time of favour. Glory!

+254 741 577 705
[We are located in Zimmerman-Nairobi, immediately behind Sheraton Catering College next to Buyrite Supermarket along Kamiti Road]