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  • September 14, 2018

Acts 19:02(Common English Bible) ,He asked them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you came to believe?” They replied, “We’ve not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.”

The walk of salvation is a Distinct/Special walk not only WITH God but IN God too. It’s perpetually walking IN God(the Holy Spirit) that makes the saint distinct/distinguished from the masses.

When Christ Jesus rose from the dead, He not only conquered the grave but He also availed the More than conquering-Life to us who believe in Him. As such any man/woman who believes in Him, receives this triumphant Life and OUGHT to really REIGN. Hallelujah!

God wills to have everyone of His Own displaying the Tangibility and Realness of Him to their spheres of contact. This(displaying) is only possible when one understands the Person of the Holy Spirit and begins to commune with Him in all affairs of life. Accept this beloved!

Let Christ(the Fullness of God) be SEEN in that personal pursuit and engagement of your’s; As our lead verse renders, get to know the Holy Spirit Who reveals Christ. Shun Ignorant living BY embracing accurate knowledge of God!

John 16:13a (God’s Word Translation) ,When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will GUIDE you into the FULL TRUTH…

It’s perpetually walking IN God (the Holy Spirit) that makes the saint distinct/distinguished from the masses.

Precious Father thank You for this wonderful truth revealed to my heart this day. I desire to know you more and more through intimately knowing the Spirit of God.This day I ask of You Spirit of God to reveal Yourself to I in deeper and new ways, in Christ Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen

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